First Day Of New Website Is A Sad Day To Remember

Today has been a very sad day for the Dogs community. We have lost two dogs today. One of the dogs was a boxer who made frequent appearances in the community and was loved by all. The other dog was a dog I did not know as well, but was much loved by its family.

Losing a pet can be such a difficult experience. My heart goes out to those going through such loss.

I know many people in the community are saddened, I may even say, mourning the passing of these beloved pets.

This was a touching comment from one of the community member to the Boxer’s owner

“lit two incenses and two candles one set for Molley one set for you”

I am terrible at times like this, I feel the pain people are going through and just can’t say much.  I’m just too overwhelmed and overcome at death.

I have to say we have some of the best members online.
Thank You everyone, I really appreciate all of you,

Wishing everyone the best in dogs and in life,
Andrew Ledford