Dog Video Slideshow For March 2015

Come visit the dogs of March. I have highlighted several of the dogs that have visited the Dogs Community during the last part of February and the month of March. It is always difficult to edit these videos because they are too short and I need to leave out a lot of the dogs I enjoy seeing on a daily or at least weekly basis. If you want your dog’s picture included in one of our videos please make sure you post high quality photos that show the dog as the main part of the picture.

I am wishing all of you the very best in dogs and in life,
Andrew Ledford
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Shepherd/Black Lab Puppy Who Was Saved From Accidental Breeding Grew Into A Service Dog

This dog story was submitted by one our readers who is also a member of the G+ Dogs Community

I saved my dog from death. My dog was from an accidental breeding caused by a breeder leaving a kennel run open resulting in a police Shepherd mixing with a Black Lab. They were going to kill the non pure bred dogs. But some people think of these breed combinations as designer dogs. I saved this puppy and now he is my service dog

Shepherd Black Lab Mix From Unwanted Puppy to service Dog
Shepherd Black Lab Mix From Unwanted Puppy to Service Dog

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